Silence of Truth

She asked me about Truth, especially the objective truth. At first I decided to keep silence as you did when you were asked the same in history, "What is truth?" by Pilate- though you were the embodied truth and nobody could see the truth more perfectly than as you revealed yourself in your human body. But Pilate negated this "objective reality" like one who closes his eyes towards light and repeats the question - what is light? He didn't wish to pay the heavy price for the truth as you compensated on the cross for it. He clung in his "subjectivist truths" in which he found more "security and pleasure". But how could I be silent for the same reason!!! I am not you. If I were you I could have been silent. In contrast, I must respond to this question of truth, since I am only a pointer and not the reality itself which I am pointing to. As a pointer or a "tabernacle of truth" - since you taught us that we are the temples of God - I am supposed to give a true answer for this question. However, I don't want to "wash my hands" hypocritically as Pilate did and testify to the truth simultaneously; it is impossible and self contradictory in itself.

Aristotle defines Truth as, "saying of what is that is and of what is not that is not", that is, Truth means telling it like it is. Likewise, St Peter professed that " You are the Messiah" when you asked them, "Who do you say that I am?" Yes… it is the truth and not a subjective proclamation or a relative one depending on what the crowd says, since the consent of many does not create truth. Truth is the will of God and not everyone accepts the will of God. But I do realize that I can't convince anyone about this objective truth - especially those who are addicted to this world of subjectivism and relativism. They don't want to believe in truth as "what it is". Rather they want to pretend it is "what works", what they "can sense or feel". But it is not always that the Truth can be clearly and distinctly understood through this way or be proven by reason. It is always objectively above these types of "reductions" and can be only comprehensible perfectly through Faith, which is always preceded by Grace.

Today people want to close their eyes against truth to safeguard their subjectivist pleasures, which seem more comfortable for them, "like a womb, or a dream, or a narcissistic fantasy". They fear that they would be expelled from the 'crowd of consumerism and eroticism' by opening themselves towards Truth. Because it demands a radical change, a rebirth, consecrating one's whole life and will to God. It is always contrary to their subjective and relative world of "realities". Nevertheless, I can't be silent, I have to proclaim the Truth even before someone questions me, because the proximity of the Truth liberates me, which gives me courage to pay the price for it. I love you Jesus, "bone of my bones" and "flesh of my flesh," for you are the way, the truth and the life.

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