Splendour of the Stripped Soul

A few days back a local newspaper reported that all students of a university in America had conducted a marathon in underclothes to welcome the summer of 2007. Though it was not a surprising news in this modern world, some questions remained in my mind. Why do the youngsters like more to be naked or to enjoy nakedness? As a young man, I think somehow or somewhere within ourselves we sense the need to be transparent, to be more open or, in other words, to break the coverings of our true self. Many of us, struck by this 'inner restlessness', fail to realise the true goal of this 'mystery' which I would say is the soul's longing to be stripped in order to enter into union with her Creator. Many others recognize that their souls are wrapped in a lot of layers which hinder them in reaching the true end and they strive ardently to burn them in the fire of Jesus' Sacrifice.

What are the layers covering my soul that I have to burn in His unique sacrifice? For me, above all are my pride and selfishness. And many times I tried to crucify myself with His cross to get rid of this burden. But the next moment, when I was provoked by new circumstances, I unpicked myself from the nails of the cross and failed to achieve the goal. But my Lord could remain on the cross though he was confronted with a lot of provocations. How did he make it possible and why am I failing always? I have to learn from Him since He has triumphed. Slowly I realized that He was not crucifying His pride or selfishness on the cross for He didn't have them, instead He hanged on the cross in Humility and Love and could remain there until His final breath. Hence, I have to learn that I cannot attempt to crucify my pride and selfishness on the cross. On the contrary, before I get ready to carry my cross and be crucified, I have to become very humble and full of love. For only humility and love can sustain me on the cross until my death and produce goodness and life in this world.

Oh Lord, pour us your precious blood which you shed at Calvary, through the sacraments of your mystical body (Church). For it alone can make us humble and pure. Help us to experience the sacrificial value of your precious blood which removes the hard layers of pride and selfishness of our wrapped souls. Crucified Lord, prepare us to carry our own cross by renouncing ourselves to participate in your redemptive mission and give us a second birth in which our stripped soul shines with your true Glory.

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